28.12.2016 Audits

Energy efficiency audits

Energy efficiency audit consist out of:

  1. assessment of the technical condition of the objects‎, including internal technical infrastructure,
  2. ‎energy consumption analysis,
  3. power balance of the site, covering 90% of total consumption,
  4. list of‎ investments reducing or improving energy efficiency of the site tougether with estimated capex of the investment,
  5. assessment of the financial efficiency of the investment and possible to obtain economical ‎results.

We recommend energy efficiency audits for the following ventures:

  1. loses limitation:
    • related to reactive power (capacity and inductive);
    • related to supply and distribution of the electrical energy and LNG;
    • on  transformation;
    • in heat distribution networks;
    • related to DC and IT systems;
  2. heat and electrical energy recovery,
  3. Reduction of the heat losses ‎of the technical infrastructure,
  4. reconstruction or modernization of the building‎ together with technical infrastructure,
  5. modernization or replacement of the:
    • indoor and outdoor lighting;
    • devices and installations used for industrial technology processes or telecommunications and IT processes;
    • local heat distribution grids and local heat sources;
  6. used for heating and/or cooling of the sites,
    • renovable energy;
    • usable or recuperated heat;
    • heat wast from industrial installations or household installations.

Audits are conducted by high qualified teams of experts from different fields of technic, having many year of practical experience in energy efficacy audits. Our teams are supported by professional associations experts.  We have own high class measuring equipment which thanks to periodical checkups and calibrations allows to draw proper conclusions regarding audited installations or sites.

Cost of energy efficacy audit and execution time requires individual agreements with Customer.

Please contact us to know more details.