07.11.2016 News

RFcell – Smart Engineering Solutions

We aim to  provide a wide portfolio of solutions to cities and local communities, as communications and energy savings surrounds us, our cities and communities should support  that and should adopt itself to the new life style of their citizens.

 Each city is unique on its own way, and each one is in a different stage of development, the goal of Smart Solutions is to improve the quality of ICT solutions in urban areas.

The solutions varies from each other based on the needs, in one place it might be  making the city safer for pedestrians and drivers in others it might   focus on monitoring of the properties to improve security and broadening the availability of Wi-Fi. We care that our solutions are cost effective and focused on saving precious energy and nature resources.

We specialize in communication technologies, safety and energy saving solutions doing our best to fulfill the needs of each city individually.

Smart Solutions – the future of modern cities, of every city…….