11.12.2016 Projects

Drone services

Inspection flights, technical flights, surveys, digital terrain maps

  • Orthophotomaps with a resolution of 2 – 5cm / px;
  • DSM maps;
  • Altitude profiles of the area;
  • Measurements with georeference (error up to 20cm) or without georeference (error up to 3m);
  • Volumetric measurements of ores, soil, excavations;
  • Infrastructure inspections, including telecommunications, energy, road and rail;
  • Inspections of the progress of construction works;
  • Taking pictures from a high distance (x30 optical zoom);
  • Photogrammetric mapping – building objects in 3D
  • Determination of LOS, nLOS, NLOS lines for antennas;
  • Point cloud processing for visualizing various design scenarios;