We provide radiotelecommunication and critical communication solutions ensuring coverage of 2G-5G mobile telephony and critical communication radio systems TETRA, GSM-R, LTE420/450, in objects with high attenuation of radio signals (buildings, tunnels, underground, railway carriages). We specialise in turnkey projects starting from radio planning, design, delivery of passive elements (antennas and elements of antenna circuits) and active elements (amplifiers of various powers). We carry out indoor radio coverage measurements before and after installation. We provide maintenance services as well as warranty and post-warranty service.

Our offer in the area of Telecommunications:

Improving the coverage of radio networks

We provide connectivity in tunnels, office buildings, shopping centres, hotels, residences.

Measurements of radio networks

We carry out measurements, design radio networks, manage them and carry out maintenance projects.

Antennas for base stations – BSA

We offer omnidirectional antennas, panel antennas, antennas with narrowed beam (directional antennas), multibeam antennas, hybrids, special antennas.

RF amplifiers

Our projects in this area provide selective multiband capability, band support for mobile operators and critical communications operators, as well as for dispatching communications, trunking systems, or distributed antenna systems (DAS, Open RAN).

Radio links

We provide radio links for work in licensed bands or in unlicensed bands.


Our services in the field of Radio-Telecommunication are :

  • Projects of indoor antenna installations
  • Turnkey indoor installations including delivery of materials and required equipment
  • Services providing mobile telephony coverage and TETRA, LTE420/450 systems in tunnels and buildings
  • Design and construction of communication systems in railway cars providing mobile phone coverage and Internet access via Wi-Fi
  • Drive test” services including analysis of performed measurements and network optimisation, as well as provision of measurement equipment
  • Design, supply and installation of radio links
  • Design, supply and installation of radio telemetry systems