Smart Solutions

Inteligentne rozwiązania

We provide surveillance and protection systems for objects and areas of strategic importance, successfully used by special services, the army, border guards, police, municipal guards and security agencies in many places around the world. Our systems allow for precise identification of the perpetrator during the investigation process. We offer systems which enable automation of the processes of parking payment control, traffic offence detection, access control or border clearance as well as motorway toll payments. Our solutions are used to protect and supervise such facilities as borders, military installations, government buildings, refineries, pipelines, power plants, water treatment plants, airports, railway stations, railway tractions, ports, city streets, sports facilities and many others.

Our offer in the area of smart solutions

Security systems

Our solutions in the area of security systems include

  • Drone detection and disposal systems
  • Security solutions for sensitive facilities, e.g. governmental, military, airports, etc.
  • Seismic motion detection systems
  • Laser motion detection systems
  • Vibrating fence monitoring systems
  • Short, medium and long range radars
  • Intelligent access control systems
  • Automatic border and highway control
  • GPS vehicle control systems
  • Fire hazard detectors
  • Command & Control integration platforms

Public safety

In the area of public safety we provide:

  • Automatic video analysis systems
  • Intelligent video surveillance systems (day/night)
  • Investigative video analysis systems
  • Intelligent parking payment control systems
  • Intelligent traffic offence detection systems
  • Surveillance aerostats


We provide our customers with Wi-Fi coverage in buildings, public transport vehicles, HotSpots.


We provide services in the following areas:

  • Consultancy on the design of security systems
  • Advice on creating security procedures for buildings and protected areas

We base our services on security standards applicable in such countries as the United States and Israel

Drone services

Our drone services include: measurement flights, inspection flights, inventory flights, 3D scanning of objects and terrain.