Cyber Security

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We are a partner of Palo Alto Networks and offer an innovative security platform, including:

  • NGFW – latest generation firewalls
  • Cortex XDR – workstation and server security
  • Cortex XSOAR – (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) dedicated software for security teams (SOC)
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Palo Alto at a glance

Palo Alto Networks, a leader in the global cybersecurity market, is shaping the future with technologies that change the way users and businesses operate. We aim to become our customers’ preferred cyber security partner, dedicated to protecting the digital environment. We help you face the toughest challenges by constantly creating innovative solutions based on the latest advances in artificial intelligence, data analytics, automation and process coordination. We offer an integrated security platform and support the activities of a growing network of partners. We occupy a unique position in the market: we provide security for tens of thousands of enterprises and institutions using various clouds, networks, and mobile devices.

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Protecting the enterprise environment

Palo Alto Networks Strata™ platform is a cohesive, integrated, effective network security system delivered as a physical, virtual and cloud-based solution.

Next-Generation Firewall

Physical, virtual and cloud-based security systems

With Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation firewalls, you can stop cyber attacks while simplifying security mechanisms.


Application classification technology

App-ID™ is a patent-protected network traffic classification technology available exclusively on Palo Alto Networks firewalls. It is based on determining the identity of an application regardless of the port, protocol, SSH/SSL encryption and other complex techniques that may be used in specific cases.


User classification technology

User-ID™ technology makes it easy to define security policies that protect access to applications for users and user groups, for both incoming and outgoing communications.


Management system

The Panorama™ Network Security Management System is a centralized administration solution to support all Palo Alto Networks firewalls regardless of form factor or location.

DNS Security

Prevention of DNS-based attacks

The DNS Security service uses predictive analytics, machine learning and automation methods to block DNS-based attacks.

Threat Prevention

Prevention of attacks using vulnerabilities, malware and C2 mechanisms

Threat Prevention allows IPS features to automatically stop attacks that exploit known vulnerabilities on the client and server side.

URL Filtering

Prevention of malicious websites and phishing threats

Automatic protection features block access to malicious sites that spread malware and phish for login credentials, so the business can avoid data loss.


Protection against malware

WildFire® is designed to protect you from malware. It automatically detects and stops previously unknown threats.


Security for mobile users

GlobalProtect™ on end devices protects the resources of mobile workers by providing NGFW (Next Generation Firewall) functionality to all users, regardless of their location or the hardware they use.


Secure communication between branches

SD-WAN enables a company to easily implement a software-driven WAN architecture that includes the best integrated security and communication features on the market.


Content classification technology

Content-ID™ technology uses a variety of advanced threat protection methods to fully analyse all permitted communications in a single scan.

logo Palo Alto Networks - Prisma

Cloud security

Prisma™ is the best security offering on the market for cloud computing environments. Your enterprise can reduce cloud migration time with a suite of products to protect complex IT environments.

Prisma Access

Cloud-based security features for mobile users

Prisma™ Access is a SASE (“Secure Access Service Edge”) architecture solution that enables the enterprise to implement consistent security features for remote networks and mobile users.

Prisma Cloud

A security platform designed for the cloud

Prisma™ Cloud is a unified security platform built for cloud environments.

Prisma SaaS

Secure access to SaaS services

The Prisma™ SaaS solution enables you to make a secure transition to the cloud with visibility options, compliance mechanisms and security for cloud applications and sensitive data.

Data Loss Prevention

Data protection and compliance

A cloud service that provides consistent, reliable functions for protecting sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information, as well as protecting intellectual property.

logo Palo Alto Networks - Cortex

A secure future

Cortex™ is the most comprehensive suite of security operations products available on the market. It provides enterprises with the best threat detection and analysis, automation and incident response capabilities.


AutoFocus™ provides direct access to a vast repository of reliable analytical information that can be downloaded as data feeds.

A cloud service that provides consistent, reliable functions for protecting sensitive data, such as personally identifiable information, as well as protecting intellectual property.

Cortex Data Lake

Reliable data for security analysis

Cortex™ Data Lake allows you to collect, transform and integrate enterprise security data for inclusion in other Palo Alto Networks solutions such as Cortex XDR, Prisma Access and next-generation firewalls.

Cortex XDR

Enhanced detection and response functions

Cortex XDR™ allows security analysts to ignore redundant data and focus on real threats. The product applies entirely new methods to identify advanced stealth attacks through integrated endpoint device, network and cloud data.

Cortex XSOAR

Extended Security Coordination and Automation and Response (XSOAR) service

Cortex™ XSOAR enables you to dramatically increase the efficiency of your security centre with the industry’s first extended coordination, automation and response (SOAR) platform.